Reclaimed Barn Wood Flooring

Reclaimed barn wood flooring is a rising wave in the flooring industry. Not only does it offer an authentic, rustic touch to your space, but it also drives the green initiative to recycle and repurpose. Before massive deforestation began, forests were overgrown with healthy, hundreds-of-years-old trees— most of which are extinct today. These old barn … Continue reading Reclaimed Barn Wood Flooring

Home Décor Dilemma: When Are Curtains the Right Choice?

Traditionally, curtains are just thrown onto windows since they just go. Right? But walking aisle after aisle at the store and endless searching online hasn’t helped you decide if you really need it…or want curtains. And are curtains even right for what you want? Or was it drapes you were looking for?  What’s the difference between … Continue reading Home Décor Dilemma: When Are Curtains the Right Choice?

TV Pilot Review

The Village The Village is a 2019 drama series brought to us by writer, producer Mike Daniels. As with many popular series on screen right now, it follows a string of dynamic characters and their complex relationships. We start mid-action with short scenes moving from character to character. Beginning with Katie, a high school teenager, sneaking … Continue reading TV Pilot Review